Down and Under

Well, it took me two years, and I've finally done it.

I don't know what you think I've accomplished exactly but I'm talking about going to DUMBO in Brooklyn. Took me long enough right? With it's scenic backdrops, street art, and amazing food, you would think I would have made my way down there long ago. But alas, I am not an adventurous person – I don't even like going farther than I can walk for brunch on the weekends. (I know, it's disgusting.)

So when one of my best friends (and bridesmaid) + her boyfriend came to visit, I finally ran out of excuses. 

Dress:  Tobi  | Boots:  Valentino  | Jewelry: Valentino, Hermes, Chanel, Rolex, FitBit | Sunglasses: Valentino

Dress: Tobi | Boots: Valentino | Jewelry: Valentino, Hermes, Chanel, Rolex, FitBit | Sunglasses: Valentino

risa xu dumbo brooklyn valentino rainboots

It must be a male thing but dammit, you men really don't like reading a map or checking for directions, do you? When we came out of the train, I wasn't sure where we were going exactly but Nicholas felt sure so we walked that way. The farther we went, the more I felt like we weren't going the right way. And... of course, we weren't. I will say that if it wasn't for our little detour, I wouldn't have stumbled upon this wall and we wouldn't have captured these great shots. 

risa xu tobi shirt dress chanel belt DUMBO
risa xu dumbo tobi shirt dress chanel belt

I kind of love having people in town – I get to play tourist and we eat at places we don't try, head to parts of boroughs we don't go to, and did I mention I get to eat?

risa xu brooklyn ice cream factory DUMBO
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