How To: Scarf Headband

I knew it's been a while since I had posted last and I'm so sorry! Between changing jobs (yay!) and being away for two weekends straight, it's a wonder I can still keep my days straight. But thanks to a certain special lady (ahem, Carlye Wisel - if you love Disney and don't follow her on social, you should consider changing that) I wanted to share how you can use a 90cm silk scarf into a headband.

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Concrete Jungle

Well, Spring is finally here in NYC. And I can't complain! Despite having purchased a new down jacket (it was 50% off!) I am completely, one hundred percent ready for warmer weather. But with warmer weather comes a new dilemma: transition pieces. 

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New York is slowly starting to get its warm-weather act together. I mean, it's been officially Spring for like a week now! But before the Winter chill officially goes away, I wanted to share this one last winter-y look.

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March 2017 Bookshelf

So far this year, I've put a lot of ideas on this blog. Things from goals to resolutions to general life learnings. I've also made it a goal to continue to produce quality content on everything I touch (and to have this content be as beneficial as possible to all of you!)

While browsing through Strand today – this has become a bi-weekly thing for us now – I came up with the idea to share my monthly "bookshelf" with you! (PS, if you haven't been to Strand, you're missing out on 18 miles of books!) Click through to see what books I'm reading this month:

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Riff-raff, Street Rat

sigh Such an iconic scene in Aladdin, though only a minute long. Hands up if you remember Aladdin talking about living in a palace to Abu!

Taking count again – hands up if you love incorporating Disney elements into your outfits!

I'm using this post as an opportunity to announce that I've started a new category on the blog called "#DisneyStyle" – this is where you'll find my normal outfits with Disney elements as well as our Disneybounding, and any other pieces that may fall into this category (like my Disney Parks Makeup post!)


I love pieces that you can style through different seasons – I don't like bringing pieces into my closet that I can only wear for a couple months out of the year. That being said, one of the hardest things about living on the East Coast is the Winter. I have all these really cute summer dresses and tops that just sit in my closet, all sad and wrinkly. Something I started doing this winter is introducing these pieces into my winter outfits as well.

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I don't usually like posting so often – it unsettles my OCD when the dates between two blog posts aren't exactly within 7-10 days of each other. But in the spirit of celebrating a quarter of a century (and piggy-backing off of my "Dear Little Me," post) I wanted to sum up 25 of my 'lessons learned' in the last 25 years. 

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