Let me start out this post by saying, there are SO many coffee shops I have not tried in New York. So if your favorite isn't on here, please don't be offended! And if you think there's a place I have to try, leave me a comment here or on Instagram!

Without further ado, here are my top five favorite places to get caffeinated in New York.



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If you follow me on Snapchat, you'll have seen FIKA quite a bit. Since they've opened inside Columbus Circle TURNSTYLE, they're my go-to for an iced latte. This is my favorite iced latte in all of Manhattan. I don't know if it's the beans they use or maybe there's some secret to their ratio of milk to espresso but whatever it is, I'm in love. They're also famous for their award-winning truffles. 

Shoutout to the team at Columbus Circle for remembering my order every morning and having it basically ready by the time I get to the front of the line. You guys have my heart. 


2. Ralph's

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A photo posted by RISAXU.COM (@risaxu) on

I didn't know this place existed until just before it was starting to get cold. (Thanks to my coworkers for helping me find this place!)

Ralph's is somewhere Nicholas and I will go out of the way for. We usually avoid the craziness of Fifth Ave unless there's absolutely something that we need to get done (like drop off something for repair or pick up the latest Disney collab from UNIQLO) but every once or twice a month, when the weather is nice, we'll make a trip to the Polo Ralph Lauren store. My favorite Mocha comes from Ralph's and they have a lemon poppyseed muffin that is to DIE for. 

Also, who could pass up such amazing decor?!


3. Joe

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A photo posted by RISAXU.COM (@risaxu) on

Joe is our Upper West Side must on the weekends. There's conveniently one not too far from our apartment as well as one two blocks up from my hair salon.

During the summer, I love their cold brew and during the winter, their Mocha is a quick way to warm up a little. The stores themselves are a little on the small side so you'll have to maneuver a little from ordering to waiting but I can assure you, the coffee is worth the wait. 


4. Birch

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Shame on me, but I actually don't have a picture of me anywhere near a Birch Coffee so you'll just have to settle for this adorable picture of one of my favorite dogs on Instagram (@RalphieNYC) with his Birch Coffee!

I've only been to Birch Coffee maybe a handful of times but their iced latte is to die for. Clearly, iced lattes are a benchmark for me. I'd probably frequent Birch a little more often if there was one located slightly more convenient for me but I'm sort of in a Birch Coffee dead zone. There's one almost 40 blocks North of me but that's a little far, even for a delish iced latte. 


5. Dunkin Donuts

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Last but not least... Grub Street might call DD the 'the best terrible coffee in America,' but America Runs on Dunkin and after drinking Dunkin almost every day for the three and a half years I lived in Boston, well, I guess you can call me a Dunkin drinker for life. #RisaRunsOnDunkin

No matter where you go or who's making your coffee, it always tastes familiar. Sorta like how people go overseas and search for food they're familiar with? It's that feeling for me with DD.

That's the thing about Dunkin Donuts – sure, it's not the best coffee out there but do you know what you're getting every time? Sure do! Would I suggest you order a fancy shmancy drink from Dunkin? Sure don't! Lattes, cold brews, cappuccinos, mochas aside – when I want just a coffee, I will go 100% go for DD. 


There you have it. My favorite places to get caffeinated in New York City! What are some of yours? Have you tried any of mine? Is there a secret drink that I don't know about at one of these places? 

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