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I'll admit, I'm a little weird in many ways but one of my favorite things is actually going to the dentist every 6 months and getting my teeth cleaned. Nothing beats the feeling of clean teeth and a bright smile. 

And with wedding dress shopping in less than three weeks away and the wedding a year out, keeping my teeth picture perfect are pretty important. Which is why I was so excited to partner with Smile Brilliant!

risa xu smile brilliant teeth whitening kit packaging

I was definitely skeptical of at-home whitening kits. From whitening toothpastes to the whitening strips, they've never really worked for me. But I'm so happy that I took this chance with Smile Brilliant.

I love the fact that the trays are custom made to fit your teeth perfectly! No worrying about it moving around or being careful and keeping it in place. The kit comes with catalyst pastes and very clear instructions on how to make the imprints so you're sure to get perfectly fitting trays.

risa xu smile brilliant tray
risa xu smile brilliant

Although I'm not prone to sensitivity, many people are! Any type of teeth whitening has the chance to lead to temporary sensitivity to some degree. I experienced slight sensitivity once or twice during my whitening processes. Which is why its awesome that Smile Brilliant is one of the only companies that offers a solution to this – their Desensitizing gel:

  • diminishes tooth sensitivity
  • re-mineralizes and replenishes teeth and,
  • prevents re-staining!
risa xu smile brilliant teeth whitening before after

(Please excuse the lipstick stain on my teeth on the before! I figured I'd rather leave it un-retouched than have be questionable!)

I started the whitening process at the beginning of the month and I went through about 4 rounds before I saw started to see results. I gave it one last go before I took my after picture. I didn't feel like my teeth would be getting any whiter than they've gotten after 7 rounds.


I have to say, I'm extremely happy with the results and my fiancé who sees me daily has even noticed my brighter smile!

The most exciting thing about all this is I want YOU to try out Smile Brilliant! Yep, I want you to have bright, beautiful smiles for the holiday season and all those family pictures you KNOW you're going to be in.

All you have to do is click this link and enter your name and email address to be entered to win your own at-home whitening kit. The winner will be announced on November 11.

And just in case you're not the winner, I still want to help you have the most brilliant smile possible so the amazing team over at  Smile Brilliant have given all my readers a coupon! Just enter risaxu at checkout!


Have more questions? See how YouTuber Danielle Mansutti explains a little more in depth:

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