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One big 'To-Do' checked off! I still can't really believe that I bought my wedding dress. It's still a little weird to me that I have to keep this secret from Nicholas for the next year!

This post may be a little underwhelming for some – I obviously can't give away what my dress looks like. BUT let me just say that I walked into this appointment with my mind made up about the designer I wanted, the style and the fact that I didn't want any sparkles or a veil. Good thing I kept an open mind because the dress I chose brought everyone (including myself) to tears. 

What I can say is that my experience at Kleinfeld was amazing – I absolutely adored my Bridal Consultant, Ashleigh! She was so helpful and understood all my concerns and listened to the feedback she was hearing. She saw my style, factored in where our wedding is and brought out a dress I would have never picked for myself.

One of my best friends said "She's not going to try more than 3 and we don't need more than half an hour." We all laughed but in the end she was right. Our appointment started a little late but we were all done and paid for by the 1 hour mark! What can I say? I like making decisions. 

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risa xu kleinfeld bride nyc wedding planning

What actually happened was, she brought out a dress outside of my top 5 that had just arrived in Kleinfeld 3 days before. Everyone gasped and said I had to try it on. Honestly, it wasn't something I would have picked for myself but I wanted to keep my mind and options open.

Once it was on and I was in front of my friends & family, I actually started tearing up. But I told myself that we had to try on more! I'd only tried on two – I wasn't done yet! So back in the other room, I turned away some dresses they brought. And finally after putting on a third dress and not feeling the same way, I put back on the second dress.

I had to tell myself: deep breath in, deep breath out.

Back in front of my friends and family, my tears came back. And everyone started crying.
Ashleigh grabbed the matching veil and that was it. I felt like a bride. That was it. I knew that nothing else would make me feel this same way.

I wish I could relive that moment over and over again but we have some bigger and even more exciting things to look forward to (ahem, the wedding.) But until then, I'll stay excited about my wedding dress that makes me feel like a Disney Princess.

Quick shoutout to the best #BrideTribe a girl could ask for. You all made everything so seamless, easy and you'll never know how much stress you took off of my shoulders. Thank you all for everything you do – even the little things that you think don't matter. 🙏

PS: I'm super interested – leave me a comment and let me know what you think I'll be walking down the aisle in next year! 

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