Where Do You See Yourself?

"Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten years?"

Who remembers this as a default question on the first day of high school or college? And then they ask it again later in the year or the semester to gauge where you've grown.

Truth is, it's a bit of a loaded question isn't it? How are we to know where we'll be in five years or ten years? The weird part is, when we're younger, it almost seems easier to answer some version of this question: if you're 18, in five years, you've most likely graduated college and are working at your first job. And at that age, the idea of ten years is terrifying so we probably all say stupid things like "I'll have a Ferrari" or "I'll be Chief something-or-other of a company."

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PersonalRisa Xupersonal
#HappilyEverArvanitis: Vendors

Phew - it's been a whirlwind of the last two months. Needless to say, the last thing I've wanted to do, or had the brain capacity for, is putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard?) to recap our wedding. If you've been following along on Instagram, you've seen little snippets here and there of our big day. For now, I wanted to take the time to thank and review our vendors that made the day so very extra magical.

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Wedding Skin Prep

I've had bad skin as long as I can remember. My dad used to say that it was because I didn't wash my face correctly (cue eye roll.) For years, I just dealt with it - enlarged pores, very oily t-zone, frequent breakouts in the same places, and uneven skin and scars thanks to fingers that just can't hep themselves from picking at breakouts. When we started wedding planning, I knew one of the things I had to do was figure out a way to have the clearest, brightest, glowing skin possible on my big day. And with just a little less than a month until we say 'I do!' I want to share everything I've done to make this possible.

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Under The Sea

Last weekend I was surprised by my Future Mother-In-Law and some of my best friends with an Under the Sea themed Kitchen Tea (a South Africanism, that is otherwise known as a Bridal Shower here!) Unbeknownst to me, my FMIL (Future Mother-In-Law), my Maid of Honor, and my Future Hubby all banded together to invite as many of my friends as possible to come celebrate! This is no easy task, as my circle of friends is quite tiny. Read on to see more details about this day!

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Summer Dreams

As I mentioned on Instagram the other day, clearly I haven't been keeping the promise I made myself at the beginning of 2017. I love knowing that my blog is a place for style inspiration or Disney Wedding planning tips, but it's also a source of creative release for me and I'm saddened that I haven't kept my word.

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OOTDRisa Xuootd
Wedding Planning & Visiting Pandora

This seems to happen quite often where I disappear where my posts become inconsistent for a little bit - super sorry about that! I started a new job at the end of May so much of my time and energy have been eaten up by gaining my sea legs (or land legs if you want to stick to the Disney universe 😛

I have been wanting to recap our June trip for sometime so here it goes!

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