Puss in Boots

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We all know that game we play with our friends when we're bored: If I was an animal, what would I be? As far back as I can remember, I've always been told a cat. Whether that was because of my Hello Kitty obsession or if I really just look(ed) or act(ed) like a cat, we can talk about another time.

Now that I've explained the title of this post a bit better, let's get into the actual post -- that is unless you'd all like to play a game of "What animal would I be?" instead! (We might need to have a Twitter discussion about this topic in the near future.)

I think by now, all of you know I'm short, and not in a "Oh-tee-hee-I'm-short-but-not-really" kind of short. But more of a "I'm-five-feet-tall-and-can't-reach-the-top-shelf" kind of short. So boots are always a struggle for me. The ones that I like don't fit me right, and the ones that fit me right I don't like (I think I just wrote a romance novel in one sentence!) I've always wanted to try the Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots, but by the time I actually got to try them, I realized that half the population of the world owned them. And while they're actually quite beautiful and very versatile, I like to stand out and have pieces in my closet that are versatile yet a little different. So imagine when the Stuart Weitzman Renegade boots were released this fall... Of course I fell madly in love with them!


Fall really is one of my favorite seasons. Blame it on not having four seasons growing up in Las Vegas. I love layering, leather jackets, and boots. What all went into the layering for this outfit?

  • Gap Merino V-neck Sweater
  • Veda for SCOOP NYC Leather Jacket
  • Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf
  • Alexander McQueen Wool Leggings
  • Stuart Weitzman Renegade Boots

One of my favorite places to check out when I have time on my hands, believe it or not, is The Gap. They are always running some sort of promotion, and their basics are fantastic! For this fall/winter, I've already stocked up on three different merino wool sweaters from them. If you haven't ever tried Merino wool before and you live somewhere where it's cold, you need to stop reading and go right now! (Just kidding.) Merino wool isn't itchy and is quite thin in comparison to classic wool, so it's great for layering under leather jackets and other coats without feeling bulky. The Gap's sweaters and basics also fit really well, and last a decent amount of time -- I have sweaters and long sleeved tops from last winter that are still in great condition, so don't overlook the store we all frequented in the 90's for those hoodies


There are no words to describe my obsession with Alexander McQueen. These wool tights are from a couple years ago. When I saw them on sale, I couldn't help myself! Even though I was living in Las Vegas at the time, I figured, I'd rather have these and only wear them when I go to colder places than not have them at all. They're surprisingly thin, considering they're over 90% wool, but being so thin, they're great for the winter here when I don't want to wear jeans but need to stay warm. 


And the grand finale: the Stuart Weitzman Renegade Boots. If you follow me on Instagram or have seen me in person before, you know that as much as I love dressing girly sometimes and I love the color pink, I love edgy and almost "dark" pieces, which explains my love for Alexander McQueen. These boots fit almost exactly like the 5050 boots. The obvious difference on these: the three monk straps coming across the top. I think it gives, what otherwise would be just a plain leather cap-toe over-the-knee (say that three times fast) boot just a little bit more character. 

That's it for this OOTD! Comment and tell me what you think about this outfit -- as well as what animal you think you'd be or what I'd be? :) Next time on the blog, I'll be revamping one of my best friends' closets a little bit -- wish her luck, I wouldn't want to be stuck with me and my whirlwind styling in a store for a couple hours...

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