Burnout City

I'm currently trying to balance training for the Star Wars: The Dark Side Half Marathon and the Self X TIU Challenge - which is a story on its own. But half marathon training again after not running since November 1st (yes, you read right, I haven't run a single step since the New York Marathon) has been a bit of a challenge. The mental block is still there for me, which I definitely didn't expect.

I honestly thought that after conquering (jk, snailing through) the five boroughs of New York and 26.2 miles, I would want to get back to running as soon as possible. Realistically though, I barely worked out the rest of 2015. So getting back to running and/or the treadmill is something I'm not the biggest fan of at the moment. While I don't have all the signs of Runner Burnout, I want to make sure I fall back in love with running again and avoid Burnout City like the plague. Check out some of these awesome tips from Fix.com so you can identify if you're hreading towards Burnout City too - and how you can fix it.

Source: Fix.com

I'd love to hear from all of you - what are some ways you make sure you fall victim to this? And how do you keep up your love for running?

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