Menswear has always had my heart but one thing I honestly never understood was watches. After all this time, I won't pretend that I understand the urge that my fiancé has when we walk past a nice watch boutique – I guess the closest thing I can compare it to is when I want to linger in front of the windows at Bergdorf's just a second longer?

When Jord watches  reached out for a collaboration opportunity, I knew my fiancé would be the perfect match! There's two different things that he shows me often on Instagram: houses and watches (I've created a monster, I know) so I wanted to give him a little spotlight, just this once. (Make sure you don't miss the contest at the bottom of the post!)

risa xu jord wood watch 

We're both those people that will linger a moment longer if the packaging of a product is juuuuuust right. And when we opened the box for his watch, we were blown away! Not only does it keep the gorgeous timepiece safe, it sits beautifully on our shelves, next to his antiques and vintage books. 

risa xu jord mens watch wood watch box

The watch is really beautifully made and it's so lightweight. And, like I said, I don't get watches, I can appreciate something that's beautifully made. And that back? I. Am. In. Love! I love watches where you can see what makes it tick (haha, get it?)

risa xu jord mens watch wood watches
risa xu men's unique watch jord wood watch

In my fiancé's words: 

The watch is a really nice size – it's not too bulky and the watch face is just the right size for me. The color combinations are also incredibly unique – I've never seen anything like these before. They're super eye-catching.

Now, enough of my blabbing – keep scrolling to see how he styled his unique watch and for your chance to win a $100 e-giftcard!

risa xu jord watch wood watch 
risa xu jord wood watch dover ebony
risa xu jord wood watch dover ebony rosewood

Jord Wood Watch e-giftcard Giveaway

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