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Style Profile: @BossAndTonic

I stumbled onto Molly Flynn's blog, Boss & Tonic, through Women's iLab and her post about Gone Girl star Emily Ratajkowski. Being that my boyfriend helped foster my love for G&T's, the name of her blog immediately sparked an interest in me. On the sidebar of her blog, it says:

Boss & Tonic is a blog by Molly Flynn that encourages young women to call the shots in their lives. It is a humorous guide for seriously ambitious women. Drink up.

As many of you know, I'm a twenty something year old that's about to graduate business school and move to the big city of New York. But more importantly, I love style and a well put together website. Everything about her blog, from the interviews with CEOs and COOs to the article about feminism to the photo of her with the gorgeous city of Boston as the backdrop... well, I couldn't help but reach out to Ms. Flynn -- read her interview below!

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Style Profile: Alice in Risa-land

By now, I've mentioned one of my best friends, Alice, quite a couple times. We met in high school -- AP Japanese, to be exact -- and since then, she's moved to Boston and is currently pursuing her dream of pharmacy school. I've watched her go through phases (in every sense of the word) as she has with me and we've talked about shaking up her look for quite some time, and she's wanted to go for something a little more mature, but wasn't quite sure where to start. With me moving to New York in less than two months and with how crazy both our schedules can be between work and school, we figured it was now or never. I told many of you to wish her luck for today, because Alice fell down the rabbit hole, but she definitely wasn't going to Wonderland. Instead, she was stuck with me and some fitting rooms for a couple hours.

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Style Profile: Jourdan Ibe

Happy 2013 everyone! Hope everyone had a fantastic new year's celebration! Today's the first post of the year and I wanted to bring someone special onto my blog for a little interview. I've seen him grow over the years but especially in the fashion department. I love the eclectic vintage vibe to all his outfits that I could never pull off! All of you know that I have a love menswear- in all aspects. Seeing someone that can take pull off fashion styles from different decades and not just the current trends but still make them look current is awesome and definitely something I admire. Interview and more photos after the jump!

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