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Fashion News: Bally SS15 Ready-to-Wear

The last time I was excited about something at Bally was about two years ago, when Miranda Kerr was featured in the ad campaigns. And I'm not quite sure if it was because I was in love with the actual product or because I'm just a giant fan of Miranda Kerr. I'll admit, I wasn't ever too familiar with Bally as a brand -- I always thought it was for a much older demographic than what I saw myself as. And the stories of grandparents and parents having Bally products from 20 years ago just reinforced that idea to me. But when I saw the SS15 Ready-to-Wear collection, I was absolutely blown away. Coppola took a brand that's been known for their exquisitely made men's shoes and leather goods for the past couple decades and reinvented its women's clothing to appeal to a whole new generation. You'll see what I mean below. 

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Fashion News: Moschino x Barbie

Every girl (and some boys) had a Barbie doll at some point. Whether you treated her like a princess and kept her in the box or cut her hair off and colored the ends with nail polish... Well, that's a different discussion. But Moschino's Spring 2015 RTW collection designed by Jeremy Scott definitely brought me back to the days of the little pink convertible and trying to free Barbie's comb from the impossible to take apart packaging. 

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