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Fashion News: NYFW 2014 Reed Krakoff

It's been a while! I feel so guilty when I neglect this blog but I'm back and this time I'm bringing everyone some goodies. NYFW (New York Fashion Week) was last week in New York City. For those that are currently scratching their heads thinking "Isn't Fashion Week in September? In the fall? Doesn't it coincide with Fashion's Night Out every year?" - why yes, you are correct. But in the autumn, in the backwards world of fashion, designers show spring clothing for the next year and right now, in the transition between winter and spring, designers show their fall collections for the year. Since Fashion Week is of recent news, I thought I'd take the chance to showcase a designer that many aren't too familiar with. We all know our Karl Lagerfeld, our Alexander Wang, our Sarah Burton and of course, our Marc Jacobs - but I think it's time we step out of that box a little and learn more about the designers that have been right under our noses but we haven't really looked deeper into - case in point: Reed Krakoff.

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Fashion News: Alexander Wang + Balenciaga

Many of you know, or at least recognize, Balenciaga handbags. You've probably seen your favorite celebrities from Lauren Conrad to the Kardashian girls in a Balenciaga bag. 

Balenciaga is more than just handbags - the Ready to Wear pieces that bear Balenciaga's tag on them are amazing but don't receive the same amount of recognition. Today, Alexander Wang was named the new Creative Director for Balenciaga, replacing Nicolas Ghesquiére. What's a creative director? A creative director is the highest position in a fashion house. Contrary to popular belief, a creative director does not actually design the clothes but rather oversees and formulates the concept (or concepts) for a certain season or a certain collection.

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Your Perfect Fall Bag

Every change of season, every woman embarks on the quest in search of the perfect handbag. In the spring and the summer, we want something fresh and light to go with our easy, breezy dresses and white jeans. And for the fall and the winter, we want rich colors and something easy to carry with (for those of us that live in the colder areas) our favorite coat. Thanks to Dooney and Bourke, this fall, we have something that's the perfect fall handbag that won't make our wallets cry!

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What To Wear To... A Sporting Event

Boston residents are known for their love of sports - and I'm definitely no different. The TV next to me is currently playing the Red Sox versus Yankees game, and although at this point in the season (us being 15 games out) there's not as much love and hope in the Red Sox as I'd like to. But as the baseball season dies down and everything else is back in play (with the exception of basketball) I'd love to share a little insight on what to wear to any type of sporting event - be it watching it in a bar to actually getting to Fenway.

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#BostonStrong, You're My Home

Most of you know, I'm not from Boston. I'm originally from Las Vegas - a VERY different city. I attended grade school, middle school and high school here. And one semester of college at UNLV. Those of you that know me on an even more personal level, know that I hated growing up there. Apart from the fact that my family and friends live there, there was absolutely nothing I loved about that city - no substance, no culture, nothing.

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FitFashionista: Meet Ellie

Most people take advantage of January 1 of every year as a time to start their new resolutions - which for many, many people, are workout or health related (notice that boost of people each January at your local gym?) I don't know about everyone else, but I get so extremely lazy in the winter! Think about it, starting from October (Halloween candy) to November (Thanksgiving) to December (Christmas)... and on top of all that, who REALLY wants to go running in New England winter weather? Not me! So spring is my time to "rebirth." It's also extremely inspiring to see all the physically fit people out and about in Spring. Obviously, this isn't a fitness blog and I am definitely NOT a fitness guru, but I do my best to be healthy and stay in the best shape I can. BUT, one of the biggest motivations I have to workout is fashionable workout gear. And, my luck, a couple weeks ago, I was introduced to Ellie. And now, I want to give all of you a chance to meet Ellie as well!

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OOTD: Winter Military Chic

Let's get straight to the point: I love anything military inspired and nautical. And military and nautical inspired always seems to sneak its way back into fashion and style every year, some way, some how. But there's definitely things that I try to stay away from for fear of looking way too military - I mean, we love these "inspired" looks but, unless we're one of those amazing men & women fighting for our freedom (or Destiny's Child in those survivor days...) we don't want to look like we're at the front lines. And one of those things that I try to keep my distance with is camo print. But when I saw these Rag & Bone's.. well, you can just see for yourself after the jump.

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