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Feels Like Heaven

I've always been a fan of men's fashion and more specifically, men's sneakers. I guess you can give my days at Y-3 the credit for sparking that love for me. As we all know my love for accessories is huge -- they can make or break an outfit -- and I would classify shoes in that category. Especially for men. Now, we can't expect men to walk around looking like Matt Bomer in White Collar all day, every day -- they need a break to be casual too (sometimes.) And that's where sneakers come in. And I don't mean just plain Nikes or Converse. As much as I love my Nike Frees, we know that they tend to fall apart after a while, without much of a way or getting them resoled or refinished. Which brings me to the Heaven

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Style Profile: Jourdan Ibe

Happy 2013 everyone! Hope everyone had a fantastic new year's celebration! Today's the first post of the year and I wanted to bring someone special onto my blog for a little interview. I've seen him grow over the years but especially in the fashion department. I love the eclectic vintage vibe to all his outfits that I could never pull off! All of you know that I have a love menswear- in all aspects. Seeing someone that can take pull off fashion styles from different decades and not just the current trends but still make them look current is awesome and definitely something I admire. Interview and more photos after the jump!

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