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Marathon Training: Week 3 + July Roundup

Well, we've made it to August. Where did the year go?! I feel like I just moved to New York and just welcomed in 2015. I guess what they say about getting older is true. (Especially now that I have looming student loan payments due every month.)

While the year has been moving quickly, lots of fantastic things have happened this year and more amazing things are coming. One of which, will be happening in September. If you need to be caught up to speed, as you can tell by the title of this post and the two before this one, I'm in marathon training mode!

I do have a confession for week three though... I was a bad and didn't meet my allotted milage. 

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Marathon Training: Week 2 + Running Buddies

Time really does fly. Especially when you have a date you're looking forward to/anticipating! 

This week, the milage was amped up by just a tad. Not enough to make me want to question why I'm doing this, but just enough that it made a difference in my training (and my legs). I've definitely found that running on the dreadmill makes me want to cry and is much more miserable than it was in the winter. While it is ridiculously hot and humid outside, I find that the breeze and the change in scenery is nice. Anyone else living in a humid climate while marathon training and absolutely dying?

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Marathon Training: Week 1

You read that right. Marathon Training. Not half-marathon, but a full marathon. The title of this post isn't some snarky, sarcastic title to get your attention. It's real.

Take a second to take that in - because it took me a while to realize what I had actually signed up for too. 26.2 miles. Twenty. Six. Miles. Five boroughs of New York. As I've said multiple times through my running blogs, I'm slow. Really slow. Whenever I tell people I'm running the NYC Marathon this year, they always ask "Do you have a goal for time?" and my answer is always "No... Not really. Just want to finish." Because that's really how I feel - I really just want to finish.

So last week was week 1 of my marathon training, using the NYRR Training Program. I'm actually a big fan of it so far! I love how you can log your miles, access forums for a little extra motivation or if you need advice, and how you can enter races (such as my Disneyland Half-Marathon in September) and it adjusts your mileage accordingly.

Week 1 was just a 'warm-up' week and I'm preparing myself for heavier mileage each week. I'll be writing recaps at the end of each week of training - in hopes of seeing my own improvements as well as giving you guys a bit of an insider peek into the next while leading up to November 1!

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Risa Runs NYC

I briefly talked about running the NYC marathon in November in one of my previous posts but I want everyone that reads my blog and that will be donating to understand my running journey. I'm not the fastest, I'm prone to shin splints and the last thing I want to do is wake up every morning to go for my runs. So... I'm not here to tell you all the great things I've accomplished but rather, I want everyone to know the journey I've taken and the great cause that will be supported through donating to my CrowdRise.

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Only Half Crazy

I remember two or three years ago, hearing that my manager went for a six mile run before work boggled my mind. How in the world did you have the time to do that, go home and shower and then come to work? I couldn't run more than two miles without feeling flattened. When my best friend, Alice, started running, she encountered the same obstacles I did: not being able to run straight through the mileage and probably being able to walk faster than we were running.

So to say that our first half-marathon was a big deal to both of us was definitely an understatement. Not only was this our first, it was a women's only race! 

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New Heights

So, yesterday was my last day of my trial use for ClassPass... And today, I activated my membership for full time use! Hooray! I'm so happy and thankful for ClassPass and their fantastic team for allowing me to try it for a month. At this point, I don't know what I'd do without it! I've been spending so much time in the gym in my building on the treadmill that I can't stand being in there for cross training too (maybe except for the Smith Machine!)

In this post, I wanted to recap one of my favorite studios that I visited during the month of February. Through my Instagram posts and first ClassPass blog, it's easy to see that I adored Mile High Run Club, especially when Dash 28 gets me my three miles in towards my half marathon training. But today I wanted to focus on something even less conventional than a treadmill speed training studio. If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen me hanging upside down! Read more about my experience here :)

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Kickboxing & Kettlebells

By now, I'm pretty sure you've figured out that this next month is going to be a little bit more fitness focused than usual. The team over at ClassPass (specifically, Jess) has been amazing in finding me places to try out. This one in particular was pretty awesome because I had the opportunity to interview one of the owners a little after class and just chat. But before we get into the interview, let's talk about the class. 

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