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How To: Scarf Headband

I knew it's been a while since I had posted last and I'm so sorry! Between changing jobs (yay!) and being away for two weekends straight, it's a wonder I can still keep my days straight. But thanks to a certain special lady (ahem, Carlye Wisel - if you love Disney and don't follow her on social, you should consider changing that) I wanted to share how you can use a 90cm silk scarf into a headband.

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OOTDRisa Xufashion

Menswear has always had my heart but one thing I honestly never understood was watches. After all this time, I won't pretend that I understand the urge that my fiancé has when we walk past a nice watch boutique – I guess the closest thing I can compare it to is when I want to linger in front of the windows at Bergdorf's just a second longer?

When Jord watches  reached out for a collaboration opportunity, I knew my fiancé would be the perfect match! There's two different things that he shows me often on Instagram: houses and watches (I've created a monster, I know) so I wanted to give him a little spotlight, just this once. 

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Odd that today is the day I choose to write this post, considering it's below freezing here in New York today, but what can you do, right? The Northeast is the Northeast.

It's finally spring! (Even though my down jacket would like to tell me differently.) And there's nothing I love more about springtime in New York than the flowers and trees that blossom around this time. It's only my second spring here, and as much as I love the Public Garden in Boston, the abundance of magnolia trees scattered around the city put a smile on my face like no other.

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A (Chic) Winter Wonderland

Okay, so not quite a winter wonderland... Considering New York hasn't seen snow at all. That hail last week didn't count.

If you've been following me for quite some time (thank you if you have!) you'll remember my post from quite some time ago, almost three years ago to be exact, about accessorizing in the winter.  If you haven't seen the post, now's your time or here's the TL;DR version:

How are you supposed to look chic and stylish (and why waste the time) when you have a down jacket over everything?! What do you wear in the winter when it's below 32 degrees out?! And the answer to that is accessorize. Learn to love beanies, scarves, hats, whatever you can make your own!

My friends over at Spring have some amazing accessories that can really help you make an otherwise 'blah' winter outfit stand out. Check out after the jump some of my favorite accessories to help recreate my look from my Winter Military Chic blog post!

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Style Profile: @BossAndTonic

I stumbled onto Molly Flynn's blog, Boss & Tonic, through Women's iLab and her post about Gone Girl star Emily Ratajkowski. Being that my boyfriend helped foster my love for G&T's, the name of her blog immediately sparked an interest in me. On the sidebar of her blog, it says:

Boss & Tonic is a blog by Molly Flynn that encourages young women to call the shots in their lives. It is a humorous guide for seriously ambitious women. Drink up.

As many of you know, I'm a twenty something year old that's about to graduate business school and move to the big city of New York. But more importantly, I love style and a well put together website. Everything about her blog, from the interviews with CEOs and COOs to the article about feminism to the photo of her with the gorgeous city of Boston as the backdrop... well, I couldn't help but reach out to Ms. Flynn -- read her interview below!

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Style Profile: Alice in Risa-land

By now, I've mentioned one of my best friends, Alice, quite a couple times. We met in high school -- AP Japanese, to be exact -- and since then, she's moved to Boston and is currently pursuing her dream of pharmacy school. I've watched her go through phases (in every sense of the word) as she has with me and we've talked about shaking up her look for quite some time, and she's wanted to go for something a little more mature, but wasn't quite sure where to start. With me moving to New York in less than two months and with how crazy both our schedules can be between work and school, we figured it was now or never. I told many of you to wish her luck for today, because Alice fell down the rabbit hole, but she definitely wasn't going to Wonderland. Instead, she was stuck with me and some fitting rooms for a couple hours.

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Puss in Boots

We all know that game we play with our friends when we're bored: If I was an animal, what would I be? As far back as I can remember, I've always been told a cat. Whether that was because of my Hello Kitty obsession or if I really just look(ed) or act(ed) like a cat, we can talk about another time.

Now that I've explained the title of this post a bit better, let's get into the actual post -- that is unless you'd all like to play a game of "What animal would I be?" instead! (We might need to have a Twitter discussion about this topic in the near future.)

I think by now, all of you know I'm short, and not in a "Oh-tee-hee-I'm-short-but-not-really" kind of short. But more of a "I'm-five-feet-tall-and-can't-reach-the-top-shelf" kind of short. So boots are always a struggle for me. The ones that I like don't fit me right, and the ones that fit me right I don't like (I think I just wrote a romance novel in one sentence!) I've always wanted to try the Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots, but by the time I actually got to try them, I realized that half the population of the world owned them. And while they're actually quite beautiful and very versatile, I like to stand out and have pieces in my closet that are versatile yet a little different. So imagine when the Stuart Weitzman Renegade boots were released this fall... Of course I fell madly in love with them!

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Feels Like Heaven

I've always been a fan of men's fashion and more specifically, men's sneakers. I guess you can give my days at Y-3 the credit for sparking that love for me. As we all know my love for accessories is huge -- they can make or break an outfit -- and I would classify shoes in that category. Especially for men. Now, we can't expect men to walk around looking like Matt Bomer in White Collar all day, every day -- they need a break to be casual too (sometimes.) And that's where sneakers come in. And I don't mean just plain Nikes or Converse. As much as I love my Nike Frees, we know that they tend to fall apart after a while, without much of a way or getting them resoled or refinished. Which brings me to the Heaven

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