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Things I've Learned from Disney Princesses

I was a little nostalgic this week and read some of my older posts — you know, the ones where I committed to putting more time into this blog and finding more time for myself… those ones. Obviously, life happened and it does make me sad that I didn’t fulfill something I really wanted to do for myself.

That said, it’s never too late right? Rather than feel sorry for myself, I felt inspired. The Little Mermaid’s 30th anniversary is this year (don’t worry Ariel, you don’t look a day over 14) and what better way to celebrate my favorite Disney Princess’ celebration than to share what my favorite Disney Princesses have taught me and how they’ve inspired me. Obviously, I could find “Lessons Learned” and “Inspirational Moments'“ for every Disney Princess — but then we’d be here forever and you’d never read my blog ever again. So I’ve picked six!

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