#SMWNYC 2017 – in GIFs

I was lucky enough to spend the last week at The Times Center for Social Media Week NYC. This was my first ever social media conference and I've learned SO much, outside of just numbers and statistics to take back.

Being a SMW noobie, I wanted to round up my thoughts and experience on #SMWNYC. One of the things I learned was from Adam Leibsohn was that GIFs are the atomic unit of expression, emotion, information, entertainment – SIMULTANEOUSLY! So... LET'S DO THIS!

1. Seeing the schedule and trying to decide what talks to you want to go to.

I'm a serial planner. So as soon as those schedules were live, I was researching the speakers, the companies, the bios trying to figure out what was important to me and O M G – how do you pick?! There's so much knowledge to be spread, so much to be consumed. 

2. Arriving at The Times Center on the first day

I. Have. Arrived.

I am amongst some of the brightest people who work in social media! SO EXCITED TO NETWORK AND LEARN ALL THE THINGS.

3. Realizing that you need to fight for a seat in the better talks

Okay, to be fair, I didn't have to fight anyone to get a seat. But those lines to get into the more popular talks – can we do a collective audible "UGHHHHHHHH"?!

4. Needing to sprint between Stage One and Stage Two  

This goes back to number 3 a little bit. I've been to The Times Center before and knew that Stage one and Stage Two weren't exactly marathon distance from each other. However, what I did not know was the fact that people lined up about 10-15 minutes outside of each Stage prior to the more popular talks. Good thing my little legs can carry me pretty fast. 

5. Wanting to network but everyone is busy on their multiple devices 

I was also incredibly guilty of this during down time. And, yes, I know, it's incredibly stupid to be critical of people being on their devices at a SOCIAL MEDIA CONFERENCE but dammit I wanted to talk to people!

I have also realized, that while I always joke that I'm an "introverted extrovert," I've noticed that many people who work in social media are quite similar to me in this respect. We seem to like people on our own terms and on our time. 

6. Trying to Tweet, take pictures, pay attention, take notes at the same time

I consider myself a pretty good multi-tasker. Yes, I am also well aware that there have been multiple studies citing that be able to multi-task may not actually be a good (or healthy) thing. But DAMMIT THIS IS WHO I AM AS A PERSON! And if I don't at least try to write down everything important, Tweet it with the right handles in the Tweet while still making sure the image and text fit within the 140 character limit, am I actually a good social media marketer?

7. Getting interviewed for the Why I Social Podcast

Yes, it's true. Little ol' me got interviewed by Chris for his Why I Social Podcast! You can find the episode here.

8. When the Speakers keep dropping knowledge bombs

Did you know that social media changes every 3 to 6 months, if not quicker than that? Or that a piece of Trump content gains as much engagement as Kardashian content a year ago? Or that visual imprints in long-term memory?

Regardless of whether or not you work in the social media industry, some of the stats and information that was shared at #SMWNYC was fascinating and really explains how the world around us is changing.

9. Trying to consolidate all the information from 4 days worth of talks into consumable, digestible, snackable bites

As of right now, I have about 30 pages worth of typed notes. I'm sure no one wants to read EVERYTHING on EVERY page. How do I pick what's important? Is this actually important to me or important to the brand I'm presenting to? But this fact is fascinating so no one will care if it's relevant right? Or will they?! AHHHH!

10. When you realize it's the last day of #SMWNYC

Super, mega sad face. Where else in the world am I able to hear people like Stranger Things' David Harbour or the National Geographic team speak about social media? And where else has it ever been acceptable to hear the clickity-clack of keyboards while someone is speaking? Or having 2 iPhones, a laptop AND a notebook is acceptable? I felt like I finally found my people and now I have to say goodbye. :(

Up-side: There's always next year! And I've learned that I should use Twitter to my advantage to network, not just locally but everywhere, with social media peeps.


I'm so happy and thankful to have been able to attend social media week this year! The down side of the is, well, I obviously need to come back next year. I've also been inspired to start blogging more about social media here. Yes, I know: it's a stretch from fashion, fitness or even Disney but someone I Twitter-met this past week has inspired me to start blogging about my perspective – being that, not only do I manage social media for myself and market my own brand, but I also help brands do the same. So I have a bit of insight to both sides: influencer and brand.

Needless to say, I had an amazing time at Social Media Week and I hope to be back again! And if you haven't clicked on the Why I Social link to the podcast, here it is again, yenno, just in case. 😉