Marathon Training: Week 1

You read that right. Marathon Training. Not half-marathon, but a full marathon. The title of this post isn't some snarky, sarcastic title to get your attention. It's real.

Take a second to take that in - because it took me a while to realize what I had actually signed up for too. 26.2 miles. Twenty. Six. Miles. Five boroughs of New York. As I've said multiple times through my running blogs, I'm slow. Really slow. Whenever I tell people I'm running the NYC Marathon this year, they always ask "Do you have a goal for time?" and my answer is always "No... Not really. Just want to finish." Because that's really how I feel - I really just want to finish.

So last week was week 1 of my marathon training, using the NYRR Training Program. I'm actually a big fan of it so far! I love how you can log your miles, access forums for a little extra motivation or if you need advice, and how you can enter races (such as my Disneyland Half-Marathon in September) and it adjusts your mileage accordingly.

Week 1 was just a 'warm-up' week and I'm preparing myself for heavier mileage each week. I'll be writing recaps at the end of each week of training - in hopes of seeing my own improvements as well as giving you guys a bit of an insider peek into the next while leading up to November 1!


Day 1

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#RunOOTD - Shoes: Asics Gel Kayano | Shorts: lululemon | Top: Forever 21 | Sports bra: lululemon

Day 1 was harder than I thought it would be. To be really honest, I haven't been running as much as I should have been leading up to this. I ran the half-marathon in April, the 4-miler the week after, and the 10K in June but I wasn't really running as regularly. I guess I figured it wouldn't hurt to take a break. Man... those three miles hurt - the humidity and heat didn't help, even if I was on the dreadmill.

This was also my first run with my new shoes (shoutout to New York Running Company inside Columbus Circle for fitting me! Had a great experience!) so I was still getting used to how they fit, how my feet felt inside them, as well as training my feet to the insoles.


Day 2

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#RunOOTD - Shoes: Asics Gel Kayano | Shorts: lululemon | Top: Nike | Sports bra: lululemon

So... Day 2 wasn't much easier than Day 1 but I did have the wonderful company of my fiancé for this run - which made the hills in Central Park more bearable. Company always makes a run better doesn't it? :) Big round of applause and kudos to him, not only did he accompany for this run despite the fact that he hates running but he said he'll also be joining me for runs of reasonable distance!


DAY 3 , 4, & 5

Day 3 was rest day! I took it easy that day and tried to stay off of my feet as much as possible.

Day 4 was supposed to be a Regular Run AYF (As You Feel) - I didn't quite make it out the door. At all. I was at an on-location shoot at all day and I can't figure out if it was something I ate or what it was but when I got home, I felt nauseous. Luckily, it wasn't anything serious and it was gone by the next day.

Day 5 was a Flex Day, with the option to either take the day off or cross train. Since I wasn't 100% the day before, I wanted to give my body time to make a recovery before my first long run on Saturday!



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Oh. My. Heat and humidity!

While five miles isn't considered a "long run" to most, the program is starting out conservatively. I'm definitely grateful for that! The heat and humidity in New York City the past couple days has been almost unbearable. My pace wasn't within the prescribed range but I'm thankful to have had Nicholas as a running companion. We even met a little friend along the way. 


While I'm still quite terrified of what I signed myself up for, I'm starting to get really excited at what's to come. It's a really big deal to me and running a marathon is something that I never imagined ever coming close to accomplishing.

There's 103 days left until the marathon and I'm at 22% of my fundraising goal so far. I wanted to take a minute to thank each and every person that has donated so far and i'm so grateful and appreciative of, not only your support for me, but also the great cause that this money will be going to. If you want to know more about my running journey, feel free to check out my blog post from June! If you have questions about anything - from running in general to what OxFam is to what I'll be wearing for the marathon - feel free to reach out to me on social media. I'm always there :)

I can't reach my fundraising goal without you! OxFam and all those that are on the receiving end of all the great work they do appreciate and thank you for your donations.

Until next time!