June Instagram Roundup

Time really gets away from me since I've moved to New York. Add on the 9-5 job, the fiancé and the wedding planning and everything else in between... well, I guess it makes sense as to why I feel like time has slipped through my fingers.

So for this update, I thought I'd round up my personal favorite posts from Insta from June! Every weekend was filled with crazy busy things; from graduations to recitals to wedding venue shopping. And I've definitely explored more of NYC since the weather has gotten nicer!

Without further blabbing, here are my favorite posts from June!


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top: t by alexander wang | jacket: haute hippie | bottom: rag & bone | belt: hermes | bag: fendi

I can't ever seem to win when it comes to getting my hair done. It's always either humid, raining or some weird combination of both. I've learned to capture pictures are quickly as possible after getting my hair done so I can remember the five minutes that my hair behaved. Big thanks to Drybar for the big hair - whoever has the patience to wash, dry and style my hair earn my respect. 


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A photo posted by Risa Xu (@risaxu) on

top: alice + olivia | pants: joie | shoes: giuseppi zanotti| bag: fendi | twilly: hermes

I was invited to the launch of Reebok x FACE Stockholm collaboration (available today!!) I can't remember the last time I slipped a pair of Reeboks on my feet but I LOVE the ones I got to take home with me. The event itself was SO much fun and I'm very thankful to have been invited and to have been a part of it. How awesome is it to say your lips match your kicks? :P


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What's a recap without a running post? I ran my second 10K in sweltering heat and humidity. While my time wasn't the best, I'm proud that I showed up! This post is especially special to me because... well, I debated posting my pictures from the race for a while. I didn't quite feel comfortable with the fact that I didn't look 'picture perfect' with my shirt off. Here's my caption from Insta:

I didn't want to post these. I had a moment of "Why the f-k did I take my shirt off when I *knew* there'd be cameras?!" The truth is, as we all know, behind every#selfie is a million and 1 outtakes. But when you're running a race, you can't exactly ask the photographer to show you pictures and shoot again.

You're concentrated on your run. The mileage left. The hills coming up. Crossing that finish line. My best friend @aliceguo319 said "Look at your smile!" Thank you @fleshmanflyer for inspiring me and making me feel comfortable with posting race pictures.

If you missed this awesome blog post from Lauren Fleshman, check it out here: Keeping It Real as well as this article from Runner's World. I promise you'll feel inspired and love your body for the powerful machine that it is. 


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My newest favorite pair of shoes that I've added to my closet in June are these Vans x Disney collabs! (It seems to be a month of collaborations on my blog.) Just in case I've forgotten to mention it, my best friend and I will be running the Disneyland Half Marathon in September! (WOOHOO!) We'll be spending the day before the half in Disneyland and reliving our memories with our other best friend who was part of our annual trips while I still lived in Vegas. I seriously can't wait for this trip and, while it's short, it's going to be really meaningful to me and everyone involved. You can be sure I'll have a recap post from that race!


That's basically my June in a nutshell. My marathon training starts in a little over a week and I'm definitely nervous.

My amazing fiancé has invested in a new pair of running shoes and will be running my shorter runs with me! Yay!

I have now reached 20% of my goal and I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their support. Please keep donating to this amazing cause!