Formulate (Giveaway!)

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Search through my Yelp history and you’ll notice there are certain establishments that I spend time, not only researching, but writing reviews about. One of them is food and the other is hair salons.

From hair cuts to blow outs to actual coloring, I take a lot of pride in my hair and I make sure any products I use reflect that. So when Formulate reached out, I had to give it a shot! Be sure to scroll all the way down to enter my giveaway!

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Formulate is a company that produces fully customize shampoo and conditioner. Everything in their formulas is cruelty free, sulfate free, and paraben free.

The process is super interesting — you get started by inputting your hair as it is today, your habits (heat? products? environment?), and what you would like your hair to act or look like. You can even pick the scent and how strong you’d like the scent to be. Who doesn’t like something custom made?!

I’ve been using the set for the last couple months and one thing I was incredibly impressed with is how quickly they worked with me to perfect my formulation. The first batch arrived and the shampoo was amazing (and smelled great!) but the conditioner just wasn’t working for me. I sent in my feedback and within a week, I had a new conditioner delivered to my apartment.

My hair has been through quite a lot this last year! Last year this time, I had almost waist length blonde hair… we chopped the length in March… and I dyed it back to my natural base color. So having something that works for both my (now) natural non-colored roots AND my highlighted ends is incredibly important.

Thanks to my partners at Formulate, here’s your chance to win a personalized Formulate set! The giveaway starts today and runs through January 7th so head on over! One winner will win a set of the customized shampoo and conditioner and everyone who enters will receive something too! 🥳

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