First Look

Wow. It's February already. That's insane for me to think about! I feel like I just moved to New York yesterday. Time definitely moves a lot faster the older I'm getting (yeah, I know, I'm not that old but c'mon.)

As the days seem to move faster, the more I've come to the realization that the wedding planning (and the wedding itself) really isn't that far away – which is also insane for me to think about, considering I still forget that I'm engaged sometimes and catch myself spacing out when I get a glimpse of my ring out of the corner of my eye. 

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And while, I've shared the How He Asked post from a while back, I feel like that's really been the extent of talking about getting engaged or even my relationship, at least on my blog. Unless, you follow me on Instagram, then you know the weekly #MCM's are something I rarely miss.

Before this relationship, I'd take to social media to air all my dirty laundry. And if you were in my close circle of friends, you heard about every argument, accompanied with screenshots and pictures (if required.)

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As much as those relationships had their own dysfunctions and issues, I've learned the hard way that the more people you let into that metaphorical house, the more the foundation of that house begins to crumble.

My fiancé and I are by no means perfect. We have our arguments and some of them are stupid. I can't think of another word to describe some of the arguments we've had – they'd be comparable to the classic "You left the dish in the sink" or the "You left the light on." Cliche, right?

But what we really have done that I've never experienced in any other relationship is that we really don't take each other for granted. Not one brunch, one hug, one second. We make it a point to have time to ourselves, even if it's to do absolutely nothing. Something else that we've really mastered that I love about us, is that we respect each other's decisions, likes/dislikes, opinions – even if it's something that one of us may not necessarily agree with or understand. (Like my unhealthy growing collection of Tsum Tsums or why I would run 26.2 miles for fun)

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We've talked about whether or not we want to do a "First Look" on our wedding day. And the more I think about it and we discuss it, the more I feel like it's something that we definitely should. We've always made time for ourselves, regardless of whatever else is going on around us. So why would it be any different on our wedding day?

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I can't wait to share the first big step of our wedding planning: Our engagement shoot! We'll be in Walt Disney World, taking advantage of the amazing backdrop there in April. I am extremely excited for this and I'm so excited to share those pictures once we get them.