By the Numbers

Sick of Disney yet? Of course you're not! Who gets sick of Disney?!

Anyhow, all things seem to be pointing in the right direction for me and my dream wedding at Walt Disney World. The Knot even posted this adorable "by the numbers" infographic about Disney Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons. And you know, I can't resist a good infographic. (That's not a weird thing, right?)

While we wait for the disc of my engagement pictures from Epcot (yes, the image up top is a little preview but it's quite blurry since it's a screenshot :P), we'll have to make do with some other Disney wedding fun. Check out the infographic below – and tell me your favorite fact! Mine's tied between the Hidden Mickeys in bouquets and the cake almost as tall as a giraffe – how many people does that even feed?!