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Favorite Places to Shop: Wicket Edition

We all saw this coming, right? From the moment we knew we were officially adding Wicket to our family, the shopping began. She even has a “Retail Therapy” highlight on her Instagram.

It’s only been four months but thanks to the Instagram community and general dog mom craziness on my end, I have a list of places/websites I frequent for everything from supplies to her name tags.

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Flying with an Ewok

So Nicholas and I welcomed a tiny Ewok into our family in February! And by “tiny Ewok,” I mean a Brussels Griffon pup named Wicket 🐾

Welcoming a new pupper has meant many things for us — one being an unexpected shift in plans that were made before she joined us. A major consideration we had was whether we’d be bringing her with us on a trip back home to Las Vegas to see my parents.

Being the neurotic person I am, I did all my research and tried to plan for all possible scenarios (you’ll see what I mean as you read on…)

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