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Only Half Crazy

I remember two or three years ago, hearing that my manager went for a six mile run before work boggled my mind. How in the world did you have the time to do that, go home and shower and then come to work? I couldn't run more than two miles without feeling flattened. When my best friend, Alice, started running, she encountered the same obstacles I did: not being able to run straight through the mileage and probably being able to walk faster than we were running.

So to say that our first half-marathon was a big deal to both of us was definitely an understatement. Not only was this our first, it was a women's only race! 

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My days in Boston are coming to an end soon and I've been trying to jam pack as much as possible into this last week. The one thing I wasn't going to miss out on was the chance to run with this amazing group of people one last time. I've said many times: the team at Nike Boston is a fantastic one, and they're only getting better.

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Jolly Jaunt Holiday 5K 2014

As much as I've been running, it's hard to believe that I've never actually signed myself up for a official race. So when I saw what would be the last opportunity for me to run a race in Boston, I had to do it. Big shoutout to Samantha from the TIU Boston girls for rallying us and getting us to all sign up! I also convinced/forced/begged Alice to run it with us too! More recap after the jump!

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Pack the Fluff

I've found a new best friend. It's not a person -- but rather a piece of clothing. And I think even calling it that is understating how awesome it is. I'd like you all to meet the Nike Aeroloft 800, my new winter cuddle buddy.

The vest is in the picture above -- I swear! The small rectangular pack with mesh across the middle is the vest. It actually zips into itself! I'll explain it a bit better. 

How many of us have been running in a jacket and have gotten hot half run and have either had to just deal with it and suck it up or take it off and tie it around your waist? How much do you hate it? The extra fabric around your waist, the arms of the jacket getting stuck between your legs as you run -- can I get an unanimous "UGH"? More after the jump! :)

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FitFashionista: #RunOOTD Go Patriots!

Those that say running is a lonely sport or a one-man sport haven't run with a run club before. If you're in need of an extra little motivation or an extra little push, find a local run club or run with a good friend (just ask my best friend, Alice.) Sure, I enjoy my runs by myself along the Charles or around Harvard Square just as much as the next person -- but today I pushed myself to keep up with the Nike Boston Run Club. But let's get through to the RunOOTD before we talk about anything else!

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FitFashionista: #RunOOTD Summer Roundup

Even though the official first day of fall was a little over a week ago, it officially feels like fall now that my apartment building has decided to turn the heating on in the hallway. Here comes the point where those of us in the Northeast like to start denying the fact that winter is on its way. As a runner, this means it's time for me to break out the HeatGear leggings and base layers. But before I put all of my cute summer gear away, I wanted to do a roundup of some of favorite RunOOTD's and accomplishments from this summer. :)

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