Favorite Places to Shop: Wicket Edition

We all saw this coming, right? From the moment we knew we were officially adding Wicket to our family, the shopping began. She even has a “Retail Therapy” highlight on her Instagram.

It’s only been four months but thanks to the Instagram community and general dog mom craziness on my end, I have a list of places/websites I frequent for everything from supplies to her name tags. If there’s anything you’ve seen on her Instagram that I haven’t covered, feel free to reach out!

This is not a sponsored post — this is just a list of my favorite places to shop for Wicket!


Rebel Dawg

I talked about my amazing experience designing custom pieces with the Rebel Dawg team a month or so ago on my Instagram. I won’t copy and paste that here (the post is to the right if you want to read it) but I do want to share what a fun time I’ve had picking Wicket’s ID tags. That sounds SO weird but hear me out.

All of us like to think our dogs have some semblance of a personality right? Whether they’re lazy, sassy, or just plain silly, it’s sometimes hard to find things that match the personality (we think) they have.

Rebel Dawg TO. THE. RESCUE. They even have breed specific tags—if you follow all the Brussels Griffons on Instagram, you’ve likely seen the glitter “Griff Gang” tag.

Some of my favorite tags from Rebel Dawg are:


dog and co.

I’ll confess — the Dog & Co. location is on our way home from work. In fact, it’s inside Turnstyle, which is located inside our train station.

But convenience (and jokes) aside, I’m so happy Dog & Co. is so close to us. We literally pick up everything from poop bag holders to paw wipes to the newest pupper fashions (Exhibits A, B, and C.) The staff there have watched Wicket grow from a 3 pound puppy and they’re really the sweetest people. And there’s an obvious amount of thought and care that’s put into the items they carry.

Some of my favorite things / brands that Dog & Co. carry are:

You may even encounter some familiar puppy faces, like Topo Chico, Betty, and Cheeky.



I always head to Etsy for a variety of things but since welcoming Wicket, I find myself looking to Etsy for things that are hard to find otherwise. From breed-specific things for myself to a specific color of collar that I just can’t seem to find anywhere, Etsy’s been a treasure trove of dog accessories. Here’s some of my favorite Etsy shops!



wicketgriff max-bone mickey classic t-shirt

max-bone is one of those places I consider a “treat” for Wicket (ok, maybe it’s really for myself.) From their soft-tees to the cute sayings on their sweaters to their Disney collab, I can’t resist everything about the aesthetic of the brand. Wicket has the Mickey Mouse tee, the Mickey Mouse rope toy (thanks to her friend Matcha Creampuff!) and one or two more other things but I find myself perusing their website at least once a week.

Some of my favorites from max-bone are:



Chewy.com isn’t exactly a hidden secret but I have to give credit where credit is due. Chewy not only has incredibly fast shipping but they also have amazing customer service and a great selection of products.

Living in New York, it’s sometimes hard to find the exact item you’re looking for — sometimes stores sell out, the size/quantity is too big/small, or (let’s just be honest) you’re lazy. At least that’s the case for us. Wicket also doesn’t consume a large amount of food and our apartment doesn’t lend itself nicely to storage so it’s hard to buy in bulk — Chewy.com has options for sizes, most of the time, and it helps us buy the right size.

When we were preparing for Wicket’s arrival, we literally bought everything from Chewy.com — her crate, bed(s), food, containers, etc. I won’t list out our general shopping list as I’m sure you’d find that quite boring, rather, I’ll just say I highly recommend Chewy!


some other favorites…

These are less stores (virtual or brick and mortar) but rather just some of my favorite brands or things that I’ve bought for Wicket that I really love:

  • Galaxy Galore Teepee from Playful Pooch Boutique [Use code WICKET25 for a discount!]

  • Custom Phone Case from Pets United

  • Disney Pets — I’m sure no explanation is needed here!

  • Wild One — Wicket has the leash and the poop bag holder in grey — we love the weight of it and it’s such amazing quality. We also subscribe to their poop bag deliveries — I love the light pink color and the fact that they’re unscented.)

  • 4Claws Elevated Feeder — Yes, this says “Cat feeder” but Wicket is smaller than some cats! We were having a hard time to get her to eat from regular bowls (we tried metal, ceramic, glass, slow feeders) and when we finally saw this bowl set on Stella’s Instagram and we figured, why not give it a shot? And it worked!