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Well, Spring is finally here in NYC. And I can't complain! Despite having purchased a new down jacket (it was 50% off!) I am completely, one hundred percent ready for warmer weather. But with warmer weather comes a new dilemma: transition pieces. 

Dress (Worn as Duster):  Chelsea Flower  | Tank: Rag & Bone | Jeans:  Rag & Bone  | Booties: Sam Edelman | Sunglasses:  Quay Australia  | Jewelry & Watch: Hermes

Dress (Worn as Duster): Chelsea Flower | Tank: Rag & Bone | Jeans: Rag & Bone | Booties: Sam Edelman | Sunglasses: Quay Australia | Jewelry & Watch: Hermes

One of the first things I had to learn quickly when I moved to the Northeast, that I'm still learning to perfect to this day, is layering. Much of the time during transition months, it's beautiful and warm during the day but once the sun sets? There's just a bit of nip in the air. I often wear shirts as "jackets" for that additional layer (as seen here with this dress.)

risa xu petite NYC blogger outfit

More importantly for me though, considering more than half of my wardrobe is black (and also grey now), is color. As much as I love black, I can't wear dark colors all the time, especially as the temperatures start rising.

One of my favorite styles is military inspired clothing, so naturally, some of my favorite transition colors are neutrals that fall into that color range. (Think camel, dark green, and grey with warmer undertones.)

These colors play well with my "Ehh, my closet is not quite ready for warm weather but not quite ready to let go of my dark colors" situation. I don't pack away the black and grey pieces when it starts to warm up but they're just not quite in the spotlight as much. 

Tell me, what are YOUR favorite transition colors and transition pieces?

risa xu NYC petite blogger rag & bone chelsea flower
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