#HappilyEverArvanitis: 6 Months To Go

So, here we are. Six months out from, undoubtedly, the most important day of my adult life. Up until now, we've kept most of our planning under wraps (we want to surprise our guests) but I did promise that I'd give as much detail as possible for those wanting to plan their own Disney Fairy Tale Wedding.

Top: Forever 21 | Pants:  Joie  | Sandals:  Hermes  | Choker: Forever 21 | Sunglasses:  Quay

Top: Forever 21 | Pants: Joie | Sandals: Hermes | Choker: Forever 21 | Sunglasses: Quay

Obviously, I won't be giving all of our planning secrets but I wanted to put together at least a list of our resources, such as: our engagement shoot, where we've gotten our invitations, where my bridesmaids have (so generously) gotten our custom made robes from, and those minor details that we sometimes forget about.


Engagement Shoot

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We had our engagement shoot back in April 2016 through Disney Fine Art Photography. Take a peek at the link and you might see a familiar face or two :) We've used these pictures for canvas prints and our Save the Dates.


Save the Dates & Invitations

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As mentioned, our Save the Dates had a picture from our Engagement Shoot on it. The foil was absolutely beautiful and Minted was so easy to work with; the turn-around time was incredibly quick.

Naturally, when it came to our invitations, we turned to Minted too! We found a beautiful suite designed by Jody Worthington. These Enchanted Stars invites were PERFECT and exactly what we were looking for. We recently ordered the Thank You cards from the suite as well. The soft gold color, the stars, the castle – it's all perfect.


Bridesmaids' Robes

Originally, I had planted the idea of matching robes in my bridesmaids' heads. But I started to move away from it slightly, since they already had two sets of shirts that were for the wedding. Well, I must have the best bridesmaids in the WORLD because two of them offered to cover the cost for the bridal party + me! I'll admit, I was skeptical of the website but once I got them, I was actually blown away by the quality and speediness for how much it cost! Take a peek here if you're also looking to outfit your girls.


Hair & Skincare

Two weeks ago, I made my first trip to a dermatologist in years. After being prescribed cream after cream and ointment after ointment, I just gave up. I just had to live with adult acne (insert shrug emoji.) But I decided that for my wedding, I had to attempt to find a solution for the problem, or at least minimize it. I've been on spironolactone since then and I'm honestly already starting to see results. My flareups around my cycle weren't quite as bad this month and my skin has definitely started to show improvement.

I've also become a member of HeyDay and will be going monthly for a 55 minute facial! While the medication is working on things from the inside out, the daily pollution from NYC and general grossness of the day means I feel like my face never feels truly clean. After my first facial last week, I knew that a once-a-month facial is just what I need to keep my skin as clear as possible before the big day.

As far as hair goes, you know that haircare is religious to me. I'll be keeping my hair the light color that it currently is for the wedding. Lataye at Fox & Jane UWS helped transform my hair to the blonde that it is now and has been taking care of my mane since then. We've worked out a plan for the rest of the year and my hair should be pretty damn close to perfection on my wedding day :P

And for the big day, I've booked Fairytale Hair & Makeup for myself, my bridesmaids and the moms.


The Fiancé will be starting his custom suit adventure in July and I hope that I'll be able to document that here!

The last thing I want to share is my workout regime up until the wedding – but I'd love to dedicate a solo post for something that I feel is super important, not just for brides but for general wellbeing. 

I'm sure there's some pieces I've missed so if you have any questions, please let me know, either here or on social media! I love answering questions and hopefully I can shed some light on planning your own happily ever after. 

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