By Friday

Phew. It's been a crazy week! We flew out of NYC last Friday night and spent the weekend + Monday in Walt Disney World – I ran a half-marathon on Sunday and we did our engagement shoot on Monday. I can't wait to share the pictures from the race and the shoot with everyone but we'll save that for another blog (or two), another time.

Before we set off on our WDW adventure last week, the weather started to warm up and I couldn't resist an impromptu shoot in Lincoln Center after work on Thursday. I know, I know – any men reading this right now feel bad for my fiancé. Don't feel too bad – I think he actually enjoys it. Sometimes.

risa xu chelsea flower rag and bone lincoln center
risa xu chelsea flower rag and bone hermes

As many of you know, I used to have loooooong hair. Like butt length hair. Washing and drying was always a pain for me. It used to take me at least two hours to dry my hair. But it's not like I could just go without washing it right? (EW!)

Thank whoever it is that created dry shampoo – and thank you to all the girls I met in college that told me about it. I've tried lots of different brands over the years and I recently switched over to Klorane. And I seem to be in good company (Man Repeller, Allure, InStyle, Shape, etc etc.) SO even though my hair is much shorter than it used to be, I still try to wash less since I've gone blonde. If you're in the market for a new dry shampoo, take a peek here – my friends over at did some of the leg work for you already.

Just remember, it's still really important to take care of your scalp. Think of it as an extension of your face – if it's oily or sweaty, you wouldn't just put more makeup on it right? Treat your dry shampoo as more of the helpful sidekick that's always there when you need them rather than the superhero of your hair routine.

risa xu chelsea flower rag and bone outfit
risa xu chelsea flower rag and bone lincoln center
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