A New York Minute

I owe everyone a huge apology because I have NO idea where the time goes! If there's anything I'm still trying to get used to in New York, it's how fast paced everything is. I definitely feel bad for neglecting my blog as much as I have.

For starters, if you follow me on Instagram, you know at least one of the two big things happening in my life: I. AM. ENGAGED.

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Pausing for dramatic effect and for those of you who didn't know yet to recover from shock.

Are we all back and ready? Okay, awesome! I haven't shared the story of the proposal outside of my close circle of friends and family -- not because I didn't love it, I loved exactly how he proposed, but because I feel that a proposal is an intimate thing between two people. What I will say is that he did it at home, with white roses and champagne.

And of course, I'm sharing my ring! :) I get asked over and over again if I had any say in picking this ring and believe it or not, I didn't! I actually was swooning over the Tiffany Novo for quite some time. My fiancé (still not used to that word) wanted to make sure he had seen everything he could and decided to venture to Harry Winston one day and he fell in love with this ring and received the most outstanding service. (I might have him guest blog a post about his experience with Harry Winston!) Needless to say, I am one very lucky girl and my fiancé has impeccable taste.

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I'm excited for this new chapter in my life but there's also much more else going on this year as well! While I want to share more news right now, I want to give it it's own special blog post because it deserves it and I also want to get my half marathon this coming weekend done first (That should a hint as to what this news is! It's definitely running related!)

I'm still trying to get my bearings in New York, it's a huge adjustment from what I'm used to (I know, I know, it's been close to four months already but I'm a slow adjuster. And I maaaaay be a little home sick for Boston especially with the Marathon coming up next week) but I'm so very lucky to have my fiancé and his family here, as well as my best friend who lives just up in Boston and takes monthly trips down here. Alice and I will be running our first half marathon together this week and we are so excited but so very nervous. If you'll be at the MORE/Fitness/Shape Women's Half Marathon this weekend, say hello if you see me! :)

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A photo posted by Risa Xu (@risaxu) on

Thank goodness it's warming up now and I'm more willing to venture out and explore New York. Central Park also isn't grey and sad anymore and that is absolutely an automatic mood booster. :) I hope all of you that have been living in colder weather this winter are getting warmed up now!