Your Perfect Fall Bag

Every change of season, every woman embarks on the quest in search of the perfect handbag. In the spring and the summer, we want something fresh and light to go with our easy, breezy dresses and white jeans. And for the fall and the winter, we want rich colors and something easy to carry with (for those of us that live in the colder areas) our favorite coat. Thanks to Dooney and Bourke, this fall, we have something that's the perfect fall handbag that won't make our wallets cry!

It is my pleasure to introduce the Clayton Satchel. Nothing says fall more than a rich caramel color and some tassels. The size of this bag is perfect for work and for commuting within the city. I fit my Chrome book, the charger, a regular paper folder and some stationery - it is perfect for the days that I have work and then class right after. 

The interior has a large zipper pocket with a pouch on the outside and the other side has two smaller pouches with a little button latch if you want to keep things nice and safe. There's even an extra little attachment for your keys if you're one of those that always loses their keys inside their bag! (I know I'm guilty of it!)


Here's a picture of the Clayton in my apartment in normal lighting! There's a wide array of colors available on their website but I just absolutely adore this color with this style of bag! One of my favorite parts of the bag is that there are so many pockets. My favorite bags are bags that I can look in, grab and take what I need. There's two exterior pockets and a zippered pocket on the back. Another one of my favorite parts of this bag is the tassels! I think they're such a classic thing that can make any purse or shoe give the wearer the look of an updated classic.


On one of the first real chilly days of fall here in Boston, I paired the Clayton with my trench coat from Japan (I have the hardest time finding sizes for coats that fit me here Stateside!), my classic Burberry scarf and my Jimmy Choo UGGs. I know fashion sometimes is all about following the current fashion trneds, but nothing will ever beat the classic simplicity of a trench coat, a Burberry scarf and a nice fall bag. 


One of my favorite looks for fall is a blazer with a little black dress and boots. The Clayton Satchel was the perfect piece to put together this outfit. The rich caramel color of the bag and the gold camel color of my McQueen scarf were the best compliments to make my otherwise all black outfit the right shades of autumn.

I'm so glad to add this bag to my family of handbags - it really is the must have handbag for fall. Thanks again to Dooney and Bourke and I can't wait for all my readers to get their hands on one! If you see it, try it! You'll definitely fall in love with it. If you happen to try this on, I'd love to see pictures - send them my way! 

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