What To Wear To... A Sporting Event

Boston residents are known for their love of sports - and I'm definitely no different. The TV next to me is currently playing the Red Sox versus Yankees game, and although at this point in the season (us being 15 games out) there's not as much love and hope in the Red Sox as I'd like to. But as the baseball season dies down and everything else is back in play (with the exception of basketball) I'd love to share a little insight on what to wear to any type of sporting event - be it watching it in a bar to actually getting to Fenway.

Let's start with the simplest piece a person should own: a jersey. I definitely suggest doing a little research - you don't want to be THAT girl in the crowd when a fan of the opposing team is giving you a hard time.

This is the simplest thing you can do for a sporting event - especially in the hotter months. Throw on either black, white or denim shorts and some type of sneaker. Lately, sneaker wedges have been popping everything (from Y-3 to Isabel Marant to Ash) and they're a way to add a feminine touch to an otherwise tomboy-ish outfit. For this outfit, I paired my Rajon Rondo jersey with white Seven for Humanity roll up denim shorts, my Y-3 cushion wedge sneakers and a YSL clutch. This night was spent in audubon circle rooting for the C's to "beat the Heat" and ended in disappoint as we did no such thing... Let's move on to happier times.


Excuse the splint in the picture - still in the healing process.. Anyhow - this was a game at Fenway against the Texas Rangers. The weather was a tad bit humid for my tastes and when the weather's like this, I always have a back up plan - shouldn't be caught without your gear on! Victoria's Secret PINK MLB line is my go-to for more feminine tops. For this outfit, I paired a pair of really fun denim shorts by Adriano Goldschmeid with a PINK loves MLB tank top. I love this tank because the cut is bigger and a lot more comfortable than a tighter tank - and being to wear a fun bra and show it off is always fun! I know this may look like a lot of gear on (with the hat, the tank and the jersey) but once the jersey was on, it was buttoned so the tank wasn't visible. For this look, I finished it off with my studded Y-3 Honja Hi-tops. 

I've included Hotaka (our Japanese friend who just had the luck of being able to see Darvish Yu pitch against the Sox) in this picture because she did a good job with very simple pieces. Colored denim started last year and still remains through this year - though the colors may have changed. She has on a youth t-shirt (hint: it's cheaper for girls to buy the youth tee shirts versus the adults, they fit better) with the sleeves rolled up paired with her red denim and a Sox hat. 

One last final example from the days before real Fenway, and I needed to settle with just Fenway West (aka Angel Stadium.) California gets cooler at night, so I have my jersey with me. (Again, doing the "if you take your jersey off, something else should still be representing your team" thing..) This outfit consists of a PINK loves MLB tee shirt (it's actually my favorite shirt), hat, Red Sox wristband, denim skirt, and simple black Converse. 

I love dressing up for games almost as much as I love going to them. It's okay to look like a band wagon fan (I'm sure that's what most people think I am before I open my mouth), just do your homework and don't be one ;) 

I've yet to make my way out to Gilette Stadium or the TD Gaaahden for a Bruins game, but I'm making that a priority this season!

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