Travel: Vegas in 5 Days

So as many of you know, I went home for a (too) short trip. I spent the first two days with my parents. (See: Gordon Ramsay Steak blog post!) Wednesday night was spent with two of my favorite ex-co-workers from Y-3 Vegas.


Last year, when I went home in December to reunite with them the first time, we went to Firefly. It's one of my favorite spots in Vegas because of it's food and ability to take groups of people without each person having to order an entrée for themselves.

Some of my favorite dishes from this place are:

  • Bacon wrapped stuffed dates
  • Tuna tartare
  • Manchego Mac n' Cheese
  • Chicken Skewers

Their sangria is also amazing. But I choose the raspberry mojito this time :) They also make an "infused vodka" that is made "in-house with Luksusowa premium vodka, a variety of red
and black berries and sweetened with lychees" that you can get in shot form, on the rocks or as a martini.


I spent much of the rest of the time at home and hanging out with my cat and dogs, ha!

My last day, on Friday, my mom and I did a little shopping. There was a store called Designer Fashion Clearance (unscrupulous sounding eh?) that I used to frequent. Most of the time, it was a lot of things that I had no interest in, but this trip home, they were actually going out of business and the entire store was 75% off. I scored an insane deal on these Celine sandals that were originally $770.. I got them for $80 including tax!

Excuse my vein-y pale feet! But what a deal right?

And of course, going home, I had to visit my old store... which brings me to my outfit for today :)


The girls over at Y-3 Vegas definitely know how to style themselves and take care of their clients! I've been eye-ing this dress since the beginning of the season and I'm glad I got my hands on it. Maybe I'll phone in for that leather hoodie...

What I'm Wearing:

  • Y-3 Stripe Knit Maxi
  • Chanel Sandals (Not Pictured)
  • Jewelry: Y-3 Ring, Hermes Clic-Clac bangle, Tiffany & Co. Rings, Bone Cuff, and charm bracelet

I definitely miss everyone in Vegas, but Boston is my home :)

Until next time!