Style Profile: Jourdan Ibe

Happy 2013 everyone! Hope everyone had a fantastic new year's celebration! Today's the first post of the year and I wanted to bring someone special onto my blog for a little interview. I've seen him grow over the years but especially in the fashion department. I love the eclectic vintage vibe to all his outfits that I could never pull off! All of you know that I have a love menswear- in all aspects. Seeing someone that can take pull off fashion styles from different decades and not just the current trends but still make them look current is awesome and definitely something I admire. Interview and more photos after the jump!


Risa: Tell my readers a little about yourself. What are you all about?
Jourdan Ibe: Well, I'm 20, born and raised in Vegas, and currently going to school and working part time at American Apparel.  I'm all about nostalgia.  I like to look back at the trends from the past and incorporate them into my daily wardrobe.  

Risa: How do you describe your personal style?
Jourdan Ibe: It really depends on what I'm feeling like, but what I've gotten most was "90's Flashback". Which makes me happy, considering I loved the fashion during that decade.  It's sort of like, I'm dressing how the kids my age were dressing when I was 2 years old.  I like to utilize pieces that nobody would normally wear without being too concentrated on looking different.  I even love the trends from the 80's.  My mom always tells me how my outfits are like looking into a Molly Ringwald movie.  It changes all the time! I'd say my personal style falls along the lines of "90's Urban Grunge" as of late.


Risa: What's your favorite place to shop?
Jourdan Ibe: I adore the thrift stores, just like everybody else my age.  I don't mean to toot my own horn when I say that I have amazing luck when it comes to thrifting, but I do.  It's so exciting to find either things people wore in the 80's, or brand new items that people are paying hundreds of dollars for now.  Plus, I get a thrill out of knowing that the chances of someone else having the same shirt as me are very low!


Risa: Is there a secret to how you shop?
Jourdan Ibe: I look at the mannequins and how the store has set up their visuals.  I tend to get distracted easily, so having a focus to look at- ie, a mannequin, color story,- and being able to think "Hm, that looks cool" or "Girl, what were you thinking?" really helps to keep me on track.  I'm sure it's also no secret that the sales racks are the first places to hit.  I also like to walk around with what I'm thinking about.  Just basic shopping tips I picked up along the way.

But for thrifting, I know a thing or two about as well.  You have to go in with an open mind, or a slightly broader focus.  If you go in with the mindset "I need to find a statement jacket", then you'll completely bypass the pair of Jordache jeans that are perfect for your ankle boots.  If I ever find a piece I'm questionable on, I usually end up getting it.  The thrift store is a free for all, and once something is gone, it's gone.


Risa: What's the one thing you can't live without?
Jourdan Ibe: Right now, it'd have to be faux fur collars.  I'm in love! I watch a lot of YouTube styling videos, and one of the girls I watch (Beautycrush) first introduced them to me, and I was sold! They're such a cool accessory to add to any coat or jacket.  Plus, I like feeling fabulous.

Risa: ... And your favorite piece in your closet?
Jourdan Ibe: Hardest question of LIFE! It always changes too! Right now though, I've been loving my American Apparel High Waisted jeans. They're like the mom jeans from the 90's. (Shocker, the 90's again!) They're true denim, no stretch jeans too.  I always feel like DJ Tanner or something when I wear them.  I've been pairing them with loafers and ankle boots.  I love them.  But if you ask me this question again next week, it'll be a different piece.  

Risa: Tell me about your biggest "What-was-I-thinking-why-am-I-wearing-this?!" moment. 
Jourdan Ibe: I wouldn't say that I necessarily had a specific epiphany-type moment where I suddenly realized what I was wearing was ugly, but I do remember a time when my fashion selections were questionable.  But one memory that sticks out to me were these bright-as-all-hell lime green and yellow Nike's.  I remember that they were high tops, and so loud that people in school referred to me as "That kid with the Sprite shoes".  What's even funnier is that I was going through my "scene/emo" stage at that time, so of course my jeans were painted on, - as they still are now- so the contrast of the huge clunky shoes and my scrawny chicken legs was inappropriately comical.  Now, looking back on it, I kinda wish I still had the shoes.  I have an 80's jacket I could probably rock them with now.

Risa: What makes you, well.. YOU?
Jourdan Ibe: I lied, this one is the hardest question of life.  I'd say that nostalgia, smiles, awkwardly random humor, and optimism are what make me, me.  I feel the need to say something profound or inspiring, but nothing is coming to mind.  I'm just a normal, 20-year-old kid who likes watching old VHS tapes and reliving his childhood.  I tend to laugh at my own jokes.  I dance in public places.  I'm not wild by any means, but I'm happy with who I am and I embrace that.  


Risa: Any famous last words?
Jourdan Ibe: Always hold the doors open for the elderly, genuinely compliment every single person you meet, and never doubt that you are a human being living your own existence to the fullest potential that you can.

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