OOTD: Winter Military Chic


Let's get straight to the point: I love anything military inspired and nautical. And military and nautical inspired always seems to sneak its way back into fashion and style every year, some way, some how. But there's definitely things that I try to stay away from for fear of looking way too military - I mean, we love these "inspired" looks but, unless we're one of those amazing men & women fighting for our freedom (or Destiny's Child in those survivor days...) we don't want to look like we're at the front lines. And one of those things that I try to keep my distance with is camo print. But when I saw these Rag & Bone's.. well, you can just see for yourself after the jump.

For someone that loves frills, lace and pink as much as I do, I own quite a substantial of sporty Y-3 gear. One of my favorite pair of shoes I own are these combat boots. I had my eye on them at the beginning of the season last year and I'm happy I got to snag a pair to add to my closet - every girl needs a pair of combat boots right?


What I love about these boots is the composition and selection of materials they used for this. The toe is leather and so is the trim at the very top. The rest of the shoe is nylon-ish, and if you live anywhere that snows and you have to walk? You know that the salt they spread across city destroys leather and suede. I love anything that can get wet, get dirty and will be a-okay with a quick wipe down with some warm water. The other thing I really love is the fact that it has laces and a zipper. The easier the better right? I don't know about you all but I have nightmares about the boots that have so many holes to lace through, I don't know where I'd find the aglet! (Okay.. so maybe that's a little exaggerated but it's okay.)

Another thing that seems to be a constant struggle for many is winter weater and I completely understand. How are you supposed to look chic and stylish (and why waste the time) when you have a down jacket over everything?! What do you wear in the winter when it's below 32 degrees out?! And the answer to that is accessorize. Learn to love beanies, scarves, hats, whatever you can make your own!


True that almost everything on my body is covered by my oh-so-warm down jacket. So what's exposed and what people can still see? My face and head area. I used to get made fun of when I first started wearing this beanie because my old manager would tell me I looked like a Keebler elf.. Which, with how short my hair was back then, I can see the resemblance (I guess?) But now that my hair is so much longer and has style to it, I LOVE beanies. My other favorite winter accessory is a big, chunky knit scarf. The scarf in the photo is Yves Saint Laurent and I snagged it when Filene's Basement was closing for $75 - you read that right.

Last but not least, the inspiration for this entire outfit: the Rag & Bone camo jeans. Let's see it on the Rag & Bone model:

I absolutely adore Rag & Bone jeans. My old go-to brand used to J Brand until I discovered Rag & Bone. Although I will warn that they are a hit or miss - I really haven't seen a person but on a pair of Rag & Bones and say that they're on the fence about it - they typically either hate how they fit or love it. Obviously, this camo print is a little different from what you typically picture when someone mentions camoflauge; this print is pixelated and smaller and I think it helps it be a little less "headed to the front lines" and more wearable. I also love that these are a skinny and not a cargo or a looser fit which helps keep these very feminine. 

I've received a lot of good feedback on this outfit today. What do you guys think? Let me know! And what about Rag & Bones? Love 'em or hate 'em?

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