FitFashionista: #RunOOTD Summer Roundup

Even though the official first day of fall was a little over a week ago, it officially feels like fall now that my apartment building has decided to turn the heating on in the hallway and I'm layering clothes just to go to class. Here comes the point where those of us in the Northeast like to start denying the fact that winter is on its way. As a runner, this means it's time for me to break out the HeatGear leggings and base layers. But before I put all of my cute summer gear away, I wanted to do a roundup of some of favorite RunOOTD's and accomplishments from this summer.

The hashtag RunOOTD was started by Runner's World early this summer and inspired runners to show everyone their favorite outfits -- cause as they say on the site: "If you look good you’ll feel good. So, if you think you look good you’ll run well, right?" I tend to agree! Nothing makes me feel more motivated than something like a new pair of sneakers or even just a new pair of running shorts.


Was I really wearing a long sleeve shirt in June? Yes, yes I was. New England is funny that way. But also, this lululemon top breathes really well and gives just the perfect amount of warmth for those weird days in June where it does get a little nippy or windy. 

These are some of my favorite shorts because they're lined and are the perfect length. I'm quite short (that may be an understatement) and it's hard to find shorts that fit juuuuuust right. But these are just that. I don't like running in leggings unless absolutely necessary I'm so happy I own more than one pair of these!

I haven't broken this "Fastest Mile" record since then, as I've been working on my distance a little bit more rather than just focusing on sprinting through miles just to get the time.


I know there's lots of new websites out there that sell cute workout clothes with cute quotes on them but FitDoll is one that I fell in love with immediately. (If you haven't checked out FitDollBrand on Instagram, I suggest you give them a look!) I don't like too much graphic on my workout clothes -- I'd much prefer text. I'm weird that way. And outside of working out, you'll typically see me in black but I love colors (especially turquoise and pink) for my workout gear. Besides, this top matched my running skirt perfectly! 

I don't own multiple colors of this running skirt, though I'm always tempted to pick up another one. I like having options with my workout clothes, just as I do with clothes normally. I wouldn't run in this for longer distances but for a quick run under 3 or 4 miles, this does the job quite well and I have no complaints. 


Confession Time: I love the movie Mean Girls. It's like my guilty pleasure. And I can quote most, if not all of, the movie. So, naturally, I'm a sucker for anything that's related to the movie.

Victoria's Secret PINK did a bunch of pop culture inspired tops this summer including this one and some other ones like "I Woke Up Like This" and "On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink." 

I used to wear tighter fitting clothing for hot runs, but the looser fitting tanks actually breathe better and I can't resist the muscle tank cut on any shirt!

The other recurring item you'll see throughout many of my summer fitness posts is the Nike Pro short. They used to make them in a 2.5" inseam and now there's only the 3" -- unless you hunt the internet or the outlets for them. I'm sure you've seen them on some of your favorite fitness Instagram accounts but really, they do fit well -- whether it's for a run or for cross training. They do tend to rise up a little bit during a run but that's with any compression short. 


This was my first time running 5 miles! *curtsies* The shorts pictured here are the same lululemon shorts from the first RunOOTD but just in black. The top is a Nike Pro tank that I found on sale at CitySports.

Tip: If you live in a city where you have a CitySports, always sign up for their InsiderRewards program! You get a percentage (albeit, small) back on every purchase. And if you're a student? Give them your .edu email address when you sign up and bring your Student ID -- you'll get a 10% discount off your entire purchase. 

You'll notice there's a new accessory in all of my running pictures from this point forward as well: the Nike+ SportWatch GPS. I found that running with my iPhone for longer distances drained my battery quite a bit (location services, background app refresh, and music running.) I'll be honest, I don't feel quite comfortable without my phone being on -- in the event I do need to make a phone call or a text message, I want to be able to do so without worrying about it at the end of my run. So my oh-so-supportive boyfriend bought me the Nike watch. I'll do a complete review on it another time but I just have to say, I love it! I actually tend to be running better times with the watch -- maybe because I'm not fussing with my armband as much trying to see my distance.

One of my last runs this summer was about four weeks ago. I was going through a rough patch and I found that I had become that person that finds solace in running. These are the New Balance 890v4's that were advertised all over Boston right before the 2014 Boston Marathon. There's a little map of Massachusetts (you can see it ever so slightly in this picture) and it says Love Boston all over the shoe in different places. 

I don't use this shoe for longer distances (4 miles+) but for a quick run, the marathon colors give me just that little bit of an extra boost of motivation. :)

What do you think? Does the perfect workout outfit make or break your workout? What are some of your favorite #RunOOTD's from this summer?