FitFashionista: #RunOOTD Go Patriots!

Those that say running is a lonely sport or a one-man sport haven't run with a run club before. If you're in need of an extra little motivation or an extra little push, find a local run club or run with a good friend (just ask my best friend, Alice.) Sure, I enjoy my runs by myself along the Charles or around Harvard Square just as much as the next person -- but today I pushed myself to keep up with the Nike Boston Run Club. But let's get through to the RunOOTD before we talk about anything else!


It was a Patriots themed run with the Nike Boston Run Club since the Pats were playing at 8 tonight (and we won!)

The "jersey" was from Marshall's a while ago for less than $20; it's made of polyester so it isn't the best for running but what can you do? Gotta match the theme right?

These shorts (I've mentioned before in my summer roundup post) are my favorite shorts ever. I really need a couple more pairs of these. I'm so sad they've discontinued this Nike bra because it really just fits so well and they're extremely light. I happened to find three different color ways on sale and snagged all of them. It's not lined so if it gets a little cold... Well, yenno. 

I've ran twice in these Lunar Glides (both with the Nike Boston team.) They look like they'd be heavy but they're really not. I also need support but not too much support and my New Balance 890v4's actually are a little too stiff for me to run longer runs in. I'll need a couple more runs before I can give a definite opinion on these, though!

And of course, my trusty Nike+ Sportwatch GPS. It made me a little nervous tonight before the run started when it wouldn't link up to the GPS satellite though! I know, I know -- I still need to write up a review for it. I promise it's coming! 


At the beginning of this post, I talked about running being a lonely sport. These two records right here prove that running with others makes me better. I push harder, I run faster, I run longer. Three years ago, my fastest mile was maybe 12 minutes. I was running 15 minute miles. I never thought I'd be able to run a 9:08 -- even if it was just this once, I know I can do it now. Overall, my pace was 10:25 tonight, which is 30 seconds faster than what I've been running over the past couple months on average.

Running has been my therapy for a while now, so I like to take it nice and easy. And I've been working on distance so I always tell myself "Take it easy, take it easy." So every now and then, I think I need that extra push to go a bit faster but still at a steady pace, versus speeding up and sprinting and dying shortly afterwards. (I'm kidding. Not really.)


One last thing before I end this post, if you're running already, pledge your miles! Nike, (RED) and Bank of America have teamed up for a great cause. For every mile you run, Bank of America will donate 40 cents to the US Fund for the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria to support and fund the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS, in partnership with (RED). So if you're running anyways, why not make those miles count towards something great? Check out One Step 4 Red here

Now get out there and run! :)