I am a New York City based blogger with a love for fashion, fitness and technology. I was born in Nan Jing, China but moved to the States when I was 2. I grew up speaking two languages (Mandarin Chinese and English) and picked up Japanese somewhere in high school -- which led to me studying abroad in Japan for three months after high school.

Before Boston, I lived in Las Vegas for most of my life. My parents were both acrobats, which led to us settling in Vegas. (I literally grew up in the circus! Weird, right?) I've been finding my way on the East Coast, and now I've settled in New York City. 


I've always had a love for fashion, but also a love for helping people understand what the fashion industry is really about: self-expression. Fashion is what you make of it and it has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I’ve worked in retail for about six years now and there’s really nothing more satisfying to me than putting someone in the perfect outfit - head-to-toe - and really having them feel great about themselves. I want to always be able to be a resource for anyone that has a question -- whether it's "Does this lipstick look good on me?" to "Where do I find a leather jacket like this one in this picture?"


Fitness Lover:

Two words: Marathon. Training.

I was living in Beacon Hill during the 2013 Boston Marathon. Before then, I always had a love for running, despite the shin splints. But after that experience, I began to run farther, pace better and cross train effectively. I've also started eating better. I'm not on a diet, I'm not losing weight -- I'm changing my lifestyle. I've received such amazing messages from my friends and followers on social media and I'm glad that I've been able to be an inspiration to others. (Who wants to look like a narcissist who just posts workout selfies?!) So if you're in a place where you feel like you need some extra motivation, feel free to find me on social media or email me. I'd be more than happy to give you a little boost!


Tech Junkie:

My first job, ever, was as a Concierge for Apple. But I guess you can say my love for tech and figuring things out on my own came before that. I loved working in Adobe Creative Suite and finding out ways to do things -- whether it was creating a layout for someone on MySpace or making custom glitter GIFs for someone's signature on a forum (can you tell I grew up in the 2000s?) -- I just loved it. And as I grew older and worked around technology more, the more I realized I had a thirst for it. I wanted to know the intricacies of the algorithms behind social media sites and what made a user click on one post versus another. I guess you can say my dad's first big purchase for me (15" MacBook Pro, circa 2008) was him seeing my love for all things tech before I even knew I had it.